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T Genus Plant List

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The source of information is from the first publication of: The Flora of the Cayman Islands by Dr. George Proctor.

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Tabebuia heterophylla BIGNONIACEAE Whitewood;
Tabernaemontana divaricata APOCYNACEAE Coffee Rose
Tabernaemontana laurifolia APOCYNACEAE Wild Jasmine
Talinum fruticosum Syn. Talinum triangulare PORTULACACEAE Changed to TALINACEAE Waterleaf, Ceylon Spinach, Verdolaga-Francesca
Tamarindus indica CAESALPINIACEAE Tamarind
Tecoma stans BIGNONIACEAE Shamrock; Cow-stick; Hemlock
Tephrosia cinerea FABACEAE
Tephrosia senna FABACEAE
Teramnus labialis FABACEAE
Teramnus uncinatus PAPILIONOIDEAE
Terminalia catappa COMBRETACEAE Indian Almond
Terminalia eriostachya var. margaretiae COMBRETACEAE Black Mastic ENDEMIC
Thalassia testudinum HYDROCHARITACEAE Turtle Grass
Thelypteris augescens THELYPTERIDACEAE
Thelypteris hispidula THELYPTERIDACEAE
Thelypteris interrupta THELYPTERIDACEAE
Thelypteris kunthii THELYPTERIDACEAE
Thespesia populnea MALVACEAE Plopnut;
Thevetia peruviana Changed to Cascabela peruviana Lucky Nut; Yellow Oleander
Thymophylla tenuiloba ASTERACEAE
Thrinax radiata ARECACEAE Bull Thatch
Tillandsia balbisiana BROMELIACEAE
Tillandsia fasciculata BROMELIACEAE
Tillandsia flexuosa BROMELIACEAE
Tillandsia paucifolia BROMELIACEAE
Tillandsia recurvata BROMELIACEAE Old Man's Beard
Tillandsia setacea BROMELIACEAE
Tillandsia utriculata BROMELIACEAE Giant Air Plant; Giant Wild Pine
Tillandsia usneoides BROMELIACEAE
Tolumnia calochila ORCHIDACEAE
Tolumnia variegata Syn. Oncidium caymanense ORCHIDACEAE
Tournefortia astrotricha var. astrotricha BORAGINACEAE
Tournefortia astrotricha var. subglabra
Tournefortia minuta BORAGINACEAE LC
Tournefortia volubilis BORAGINACEAE Aunt Eliza Bush
Trema lamarckiana CANNABACEAE Trema
Tribulus cistoides ZYGOPHYLLACEAE Buttercup; Jim Carter Weed
Trichilia glabra MELIACEAE Bastard Mahogany
Trichilia havanensis MELIACEAE Trichilia
Trichilia hirta / Broomstick; Red Cedar Rare; First record for the Cayman Islands
Trichostigma octandrum PHYTOLACCACEAE Basket With, Hoop With
Tridax procumbens ASTERACEAE Coat Buttons; Rabbit Thistle
Tridax sp. ASTERACEAE Coat Buttons
Triphasia trifoliata RUTACEAE Limeberry
Triphora gentianoides ORCHIDACEAE
Tripsacum dactyloides GRAMINAE Changed to POACEAE
Triumfetta lappula MALVACEAE Bur-weed; Grandcousin
Triumfetta semitriloba MALVACEAE Bur-weed
Tropidia polystachya ORCHIDACEAE Young Palm Orchid
Turnera diffusa PASSIFLORACEAE
Turnera triglandulosa PASSIFLORACEAE
Turnera ulmifolia PASSIFLORACEAE Cat-bush; Yellow Alder; Ramgoat Dashalong
Typha domingensis TYPHACEAE Cat-tail; Rush; Bulrush; Bull Rush

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