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The Plant List has labeled Turnera triglandulosa as an unresolved name due to insufficient data

Very rare

The holotype for this plant was collected by C. F. Millspaugh in 1899/2/9 on Cayman Brac.
This plant was found in the East End area of Grand Cayman, prior to this, it was only found and collected West of Cayman Brac.

Euptoieta hegesia / Mexican Fritillary caterpillar feeding

Flowering time; At maturity and onward.

Distribution; GC, CB, LC

Habitat; Dry woodland

Status; Very rare and at high risk. It is on the IUCN Red List of threatened Species, more data is needed.

Notes; Horticulture potential; This ever blooming perennial bush will get to be 3'H X 2.5'W, it is upright and doesn't overly re-seed. It will attract many butterflies to your garden. This drought and salt tolerant small bush is low care, It will prefer a part shade location. The blooms will be open in the morning light but it will close in the full sun.

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