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H Genus Plants List

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The source of information is from the first publication of: The Flora of the Cayman Islands by Dr. George Proctor.

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Haematoxylum campechianum CAESALPINIACEAE Logwood
Halophila baillonis HYDROCHARITACEAE
Halophila engelmannii HYDROCHARITACEAE
Halodule wrightii CYMODOCEACEAE
Hamelia cuprea RUBIACEAE [Yellow Trumpet shrub]
Harrisella porrecta ORCHIDACEAE
Harrisia caymanensis CACTACEAE
Helenium amarum ASTERACEAE
Helicteres jamaicensis STERCULIACEAE Changed to MALVACEAE Wild Cow Itch; Screw-bush
Heliotropium angiospermum BORAGINACEAE Bastard Chelamella; Scorpion Tail
Heliotropium curassavicum BORAGINACEAE Seaside Heliotrope
Heliotropium humifusum Changed to Euploca humifusa BORAGINACEAE
Heliotropium indicum BORAGINACEAE Butterfly Bush
Heliotropium ternatum Changed to Euploca ternata BORAGINACEAE Bushy Heliotrope
Herissantia crispa MALVACEAE Bladdermallow
Heterosavia erythroxyloides Syn. Savia erythroxyloides / Wild Coco-plum
Hibiscus clypeatus MALVACEAE Congo Mahoe
Hibiscus elatus MALVACEAE Blue Mahoe
Hibiscus esculentus MALVACEAE Okra
Hibiscus lavateroides MALVACEAE
Hibiscus pernambucensis MALVACEAE
Hibiscus tiliaceus MALVACEAE Seaside Mahoe
Hibiscus rosa-sinesis MALVACEAE Hibiscus
Hibiscus sabdariffa MALVACEAE Sorrel
Hippeastrum puniceum AMARYLLIDACEAE Easter Lily; Red Lily
Hippomane mancinella EUPHORBIACEAE Manchineel POISON
Hohenbergia caymanensis BROMELIACEAE Hohenbergia Endemic GC
Hymenocallis latifolia AMARYLLIDACEAE Wild White Lily; Easter Lily
Hymenaea courbaril CAESALPINIACEAE Stinking Toe (New record 2004)
Hypelate trifoliata SAPINDACEAE Pompero; Plumperra; Wild Cherry
Hyptis pectinata LAMIACEAE Comb Bushmint, Purple Top
Hyptis suaveolens LAMIACEAE Pignut, Spikenard

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