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Syn. Amyris elemifera J.Koenig ex Blume

Sometimes the young leaves may resemble the poisonous Hippomane mancinella
Look at the leaf structure, you will see the compounded leaves,
where Hippomane mancinella has a simple leaf.

Flowering time; Mid December

Distribution; This tree is found in the Bahamas, Florida, the Caribbean and Central America

Habitat; Amyris elemifera can reach 15', it will grows in dry forest where you will find dappled shade.

Status; Threatened

Notes; The leaves have a pellucid dots and fragrant when crushed, the branches were lightup and used as a torch while crabbing. It is also a host plant for our Cayman's endemic butterfly Heraclides andraemaon tailori / Cayman Swallowtail

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