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The source of information is from the first publication of: The Flora of the Cayman Islands by Dr. George Proctor.
The page listing follows the specimen.

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Colubrina arborescens / Snake Wood
Colubrina asiatica / Asian Nakedwood; Latherleaf
Colubrina cubensis / Cajon
Colubrina elliptica / Wild Guava
Ziziphus mauritiana Changed to Ziziphus jujuba / Cooly Plum; Dunk

Rhizophora mangle / Red Mangrove

Catesbaea parviflora / Lily Thorn
Chiococca alba / Snowberry; Milkberry
Erithalis fruticosa / Black Candlewood
Ernodea littoralis / Guana Berry
Exostema caribaeum / Yellow Ironwood; Bastard Ironwood Caribbean Princewood;
Faramea occidentalis
Guettarda elliptica / Picklewood
Hamelia cuprea / [Yellow Trumpet shrub]
Morinda citrifolia / Mulberry; Hog Apple
Margaritopsis microdon Syn. Psychotria microdon / Wild coffee
Morinda royoc / Yellow Root; Rhubarb Root
Psychotria microdon Changed to Margaritopsis microdon / Wild coffee
Psychotria nervosa / Strong Back; Kidney Bush
Randia aculeata / Lancewood
Rhachicallis americana / Juniper
Scolosanthus multiflorus
Scolosanthus roulstonii Endemic GC CB
Spermacoce assurgens Changed to Spermacoce remota / Woodland False Buttonweed
Spermacoce remota Syn. Spermacoce assurgens / Woodland False Buttonweed
Spermacoce confusa Changed to Spermacoce tenuior / Slender False Buttonweed
Spermacoce tenuior Syn. Spermacoce confusa / Slender False Buttonweed
Spermacoce tetraquetra
Spermacoce verticillata Shrubby False Buttonweed New 2002
Stenostomun lucidum Syn. Antirhea lucida / Anthirthea
Strumpfia maritima / Pride of Big Pine

Ruppia maritima

Amyris elemifera / Candlewood
Citrus aurantifolia / Lime
Citrus aurantium / Sour Orange, Seville Orange
Citrus paradisi / Grapefruit
Citrus sinensis / Sweet Orange
Triphasia trifoliata / Limeberry
Zanthoxylum caribaeum / Prickly Yellow
Zanthoxylum coriaceum / Shake Hand Tree; Biscayne Prickly Ash
Zanthoxylum cubensis / Prickly Ash
Zanthoxylum flavum / Yellow Sanders; Satinwood
Zanthoxylum Spinosum

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