D Genus Plant List

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Based on: the Flora of the Cayman Islands by Dr. George Proctor.

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Dactyloctenium aegyptium POACEAE Durban Crowfootgrass
Dalbergia brownei FABACEAE Cocoon; Brown's Indian Rosewood
Dalbergia ecastaphyllum FABACEAE Coin Vine
Damburneya coriacea Syn. Nectandra coriacea LAURACEAE Sweetwood
Daphnopsis americana THYMELAEACEAE Burn Nose
Daphnopsis occidentalis THYMELAEACEAE Burn Nose
Delonix regia CAESALPINIACEAE Poinciana; Flamboyant Tree
Dendropanax arboreus ARALIACEAE Galipee
Dendropemon caymanensis LORANTHACEAE Endemic LC
Dendrophthora cupressoides SANTALACEAE
Dendrophylax fawcettii ORCHIDACEAE Ghost Orchid Endemic GC
Dendrophylax porrectus ORCHIDACEAE Jingle Bell Orchid
Desmanthus virgatus MIMOSACEAE Ground Tamarind
Desmodium adscendens Changed to Grona adscendens FABACEAE Threeflower Ticktrefoil
Desmodium gangeticum Changed to Pleurolobus gangeticus FABACEAE Tick-Trefoil
Desmodium incanum FABACEAE Chick Weed
Desmodium tortuosum FABACEAE Dixie Ticktrefoil
Digitaria ciliaris POACEAE Southern Crabgrass
Digitaria insularis POACEAE Sour Grass
Digitaria setigera POACEAE
Distichlis spicata POACEAE Salt Grass
Dodonaea viscosa SAPINDACEAE Hop Bush
Duranta erecta Syn. Duranta repens VERBENACEAE Golden Dewdrop; Angel's Whisper, Poison Macca [JA]

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