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The holotype specimen for Rochefortia barloventensis sp. nov., was collected by Dr. George R. Proctor in 1960 and described by RAMONA-ELENA IRIMIA & MARC GOTTSCHLING in this recent article published: 25 Nov. 2015; Phytotaxa 236 (1): 062 - 070.

There are subtle difference noted with Rochefortia acanthophora such as the cuneate base of the leaves and the specimen exhibiting dioecy and the red fruit have 4 seed.

Flowering time; August

Distribution; The current distribution of this new species is the Caribbean, the Lesser Antilles and leeward Islands

Habitat; Dry rocky thickets and woodland

Status; Rare

Notes; R. barloventensis sp. nov. and R. acanthophora can be found growing side by side.

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