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Although this plant is found on all three islands, it is rare, we found a good representation at the West End Community Park on Cayman Brac, where it is sheltered from development.
This densely branched plant is monoecious, you will see both male and female flowers on the same plant.

© Dr. Paul Berry & Dr. Kent Kainulainen - Cayman Brac - January 21st 2016
Female flowers

© Dr. Paul Berry & Dr. Kent Kainulainen
Male flowers

© Dr. Paul Berry & Dr. Kent Kainulainen
Close up of stellate-scaly hairs

Flowering time; Many times a year

Distribution; GC, CB, LC but also in Bahamas and Cuba

Habitat; Dry thickets and woodlands

Status; Vulnerable

Notes; Horticulture potential; This lacy Croton has a lovely dainty habit. The colourful aged leaves add interest to a landscape.

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