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Croton linearis is strictly dioecious; female or male flowers can be seen on a plant but not both.

Pupa on leafMale flowers
The traditional use for this plant was to make brooms, it left a nice fragrant Rosemary scent after cleaning.

Strymon acis / Drury's HairstreakStrymon acis / Drury's Hairstreak
Rare Strymon acis / Drury's Hairstreak butterfly

Mrs. Margaret Barwick author of "Tropical and Subtropical Trees: An Encyclopedia" notes that
it is stated by N. L. Britton that the Jamaican plant is not identical with the true C. discolor but merely a broad-leaved variant of Croton linearis.
Dr. Paul Berry; botanical taxonomist from University of Michigan wrote many publications on the EUPHORBIACEAE family,
has classified it as Croton discolor. Both plants are dioecious.

Flowering time; Regularly throughout the year

Distribution; GC, CB, LC

Habitat; Rocky thickets and woodland

Status; Common

Notes; Horticulture potential; This slow growing 4' striking medium size tree is evergreen, its glossy broad green / silver leaves plant specimen is a lovely addition to any landscaping.

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