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Spirit Vine

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A "Liana" trailing / climbing plant structure.

A pistillode flower on a dioecious plant
A pistillode flower (Rudimentary pistil in a staminate flower), the style was in variable lenght with variable number of petals

This is a liana species; it likes to climb and trail among the trees. The male inflorescence have exserted (Longer) stamens. Moldenke describes the leaves to be shiny and darker. Under microscope, I found the leaf to have larger pellucid glands with stout curved falcate scattered hairs on the surface, cluster of hair in the axil was noticed.

Flowering time; Most of the year

Distribution; GC, Spots

Habitat; Dappled shade woodland

Status; Very rare; single specimen known, at high risk to development.

Notes; Dioecious liana vine; male blooms have exserted (Longer) stamens. Leaf is shiny and green with stout short falcate hair.

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