O Genus Plant List

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Based on: The Flora of the Cayman Islands by Dr. George Proctor.

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Ocimum campechianum Syn.Ocimun micranthum LAMIACEAE Wild Sweet Basil; Pimento Basil; Wild Mosquito plant
Ocotea coriacea Changed to Nectandra coriaceae LAURACEAE Sweetwood
Oeceoclades maculata ORCHIDACEAE
Some Oncidium genus has changed to Tolumnia
Tolumnia variegata Syn.T. caymanense ORCHIDACEAE Endemic
Oplismenus hirtellus POACEAE

Some Opontia genus have been changed to Consolea
Opuntia cochenillifera Changed to Nopalea cochenillifera CACTACEAE Cochineal
Opuntia dillenii CACTACEAE Prickly Pear
Opuntia macracantha Change to Consolea macracantha CACTACEAE Prickly Pear Tree
Oxalis corniculata OXALIDACEAE

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