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Cat Claw

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There were formerly two different species of Clerodendrum but they have both been put under this genera Volkameria.

Formerly Clerodendrum aculeatum var. aculeatum

Some have leaves 6 cm long or more, 2 cm broad; corolla-tube more than 15 mm long; fruits 5 mm in diameter like above

Formerly Clerodendrum aculeatum var. gracile

Others have leaves 3 cm long and up to 0.8 cm broad; corolla tube 10 mm long or less; fruits 4 mm in diameter.

Flowering time; Most of the year

Distribution; GC, CB, LC

Habitat; Dry rocky and open or disturbed areas. It loves the sun.

Status; Infrequent

Notes; Horticultural potential; This graceful 4' X 4' shrub has blooms in profusion. It loves dry sunny situation, it is armed; when planted under a window the spines offer good protection.

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