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Regular Eugenia axillaris New leavesNew stem growthGlands Revolute edge Red petiole

The the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park has plants specimens with larger leaves than the described genus. In the addition of original Flora of the Cayman Islands Kew vol. 51(3) 1996 p.496

Cayman Parrot
Cayman Parrots loves the fruits of this tree.

Flowering time; Regularly throughout the year

Distribution; GC, CB, LC

Habitat; Dry sandy rocky thicket and woodlands

Status; Common

Notes; Horticulture potential; This 20' tree is suitable for a wide range of growing conditions. This attractive small evergreen tree will bare showy white flowers in the spring and the fall yielding eatable bright colorful fruits that will also invite a variety of birds. The new leaves that will follow will also be brightly colored.

Culturally; This tree was harvested to build the Wattle and daub houses. It was part of a composite building material used for making walls, in which a woven lattice of wooden strips; usually Strawberry tree, called wattle and it was daubed with a sticky material usually made of some combination of wet soil, clay, sand, animal dung and straw.

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