Crossopetalum uragoga - (Jacq.) Kuntze

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Snake Berry

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Formerly Crossopetalum caymanensis

Picture ©Dr.Paul Berry with Dr. Kent Kainulainen
This plant comes in red and white

Picture ©Dr.Paul Berry with Dr. Kent Kainulainen

Picture ©Dr.Paul Berry with Dr. Kent Kainulainen

Flowering time; Many times a year, it comes in white and a less common red.

Distribution; GC, CB, LC (First record for Little Cayman July 20 1998 by Kevin Eden near Bio-diversity site LC14 in central woodland, south of Sparrowhawk Hill)

Habitat; Shady thickets and Woodland

Status; Endemic the Cayman Brac specimens have larger and rounder leaves.

Notes; Horticulture potential: This lovely and graceful 6' elegant bush will invite birds in your garden with it's red berries. A companion plant could be Evolvulus squamosus CONVOLVULACEAE Rockyplains Dwarf Morning Glory

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