Z Genus Plant List

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Based on: The Flora of the Cayman Islands by Dr. George Proctor.

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Zamia pumila ZAMIACEAE Bulrush; Bull Rush; Coontie [US]
Zanthoxylum caribaeum RUTACEAE Prickly Yellow
Zanthoxylum coriaceum RUTACEAE Shake Hand Tree; Biscayne Prickly Ash
Zanthoxylum cubensis RUTACEAE Prickly Ash
Zanthoxylum flavum RUTACEAE Yellow Sanders; Satinwood
Zanthoxylum Spinosum RUTACEAE
Zephyranthes citrina AMARYLLIDACEA Yellow Crocus
Zephyranthes rosea AMARYLLIDACEA Pink Crocus
Zephyranthes tubispatha AMARYLLIDACEA White Crocus
Ziziphus mauritiana Changed to Ziziphus jujuba RHAMNACEAE Cooly Plum; Dunk
Zoysia japonica POACEAE
Zuelania guidonia SALICACEAE Jeremiah Bush

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