Z Genus Plant List

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Based on: The Flora of the Cayman Islands by Dr. George Proctor.

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Zamia pumila ZAMIACEAE Bulrush; Bull Rush; Coontie [US]
Zanthoxylum caribaeum RUTACEAE Prickly Yellow
Zanthoxylum coriaceum RUTACEAE Shake Hand Tree; Biscayne Prickly Ash
Zanthoxylum rhodoxylon subsp. cubense RUTACEAE Prickly Ash
Zanthoxylum flavum RUTACEAE Yellow Sanders; Satinwood
Zanthoxylum Spinosum RUTACEAE
Zephyranthes citrina AMARYLLIDACEA Yellow Crocus
Zephyranthes rosea AMARYLLIDACEA Pink Crocus
Zephyranthes tubispatha Changed to Habranthus tubispathus AMARYLLIDACEA White Crocus
Ziziphus mauritiana Changed to Ziziphus jujuba RHAMNACEAE Cooly Plum; Dunk
Zoysia japonica POACEAE
Zuelania guidonia Changed to Casearia laetioides SALICACEAE Jeremiah Bush
Zuvanda crenulata BRASSICACEAE Mermaid’s Wine glasses

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