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L Genus Plant List

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The source of information is from the first publication of: The Flora of the Cayman Islands by Dr. George Proctor.

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Lablab purpureus FABACEAE Bonavist 454
Laguncularia racemosa COMBRETACEAE White Mangrove
Lantana aculeata VERBENACEAE Prickly Lantana
Lantana bahamensis VERBENACEAE Wild Sage
Lantana camara VERBENACEAE Lantana
Lantana involucrata VERBENACEAE Roundleaf Sage; Bitter Sage
Lantana reticulata VERBENACEAE Netted Shrubverbena
Lantana urticifolia Changed to Lantana camara VERBENACEAE Sweet Sage
Lasiacis divaricata POACEAE Bamboo Grass; Draw Water Grass
Launaea intybacea ASTERACEAE Wild Lettuce (Jamaica)
Lawsonia inermis LYTHRACEAE Henna
Lemna aequinoctalis LEMNACEAE Changed to ARACEAE Duckweed
Lemna obscura LEMNACEAE Changed to ARACEAE Little Duckweed
Leonitis nepetifolia LAMIACEAE Lion's Ear; Ball Bush; Christmas Candlestick
Lepidium virginicum BRASSICACEAE Pepperweed
Leucaena leucocephala MIMOSACEAE Wild Tamarind; Lead Tree
Licaria triandra LAURACEAE Licaria; Pepperleaf Sweetwood
Limonium companyonis PLUMBAGINACEAE Sea-lavender New 2003
Lippia alba VERBENACEAE Providence Mint
Lithophila muscoides AMARANTHACEAE Talustuft
Ludwigia affinis ONAGRACEAE Water Primerose
Ludwigia erecta ONAGRACEAE Yerba de Jicotea
Ludwigia octovalvis ONAGRACEAE Mexican Primrose Willow; Many-seed

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