J Genus Plant List

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The source of information is from the first publication of: The Flora of the Cayman Islands by Dr. George Proctor.
The page listing follows the specimen.

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Jacquemontia havanensis CONVOLVULACEAE Havana Clustervine
Jacquemontia pentanthos CONVOLVULACEAE Skyblue Clustervine
Jacquinia arborea PRIMULACEAE Wash Wood
Jacquinia keyensis PRIMULACEAE Wash Wood
Jacquinia proctorii PRIMULACEAE Wash Wood
Jasminum fluminense OLEACEAE Star of Bethlehem; Wild Jasmine
Jasminum sambac OLEACEAE Arabian Jasmine
Jatropha curcas EUPHORBIACEAE Physic Nut
Jatropha divaricata EUPHORBIACEAE Wild Oil Nut
Jatropha gossypifolia EUPHORBIACEAE Bitter Cassava, Wild Cassava
Jatropha hastata EUPHORBIACEAE Peregrina
Jatropha integerrima EUPHORBIACEAE Peregrina
Jatropha multifida EUPHORBIACEAE Coral Bush

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