G Genus Plant List

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Based on: the Flora of the Cayman Islands by Dr. George Proctor.

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Galactia striata FABACEAE Forida Hammock Milkpea
Gliricidia sepium FABACEAE Quickstick; Aaron's Rod
Gomphrena globosa AMARANTHACEAE
Gossypium barbadense MALVACEAE Sea-island Cotton, Long-staple Cotton
Gossypium hirsutum MALVACEAE Wild Cotton; Short-staple cotton
Guaiacum officinale ZYGOPHYLLACEAE Lignum Vitae
Guaiacum sanctum ZYGOPHYLLACEAE Lignum Vitae
Guapira discolor NYCTAGINACEAE Cabbage Tree; Blolly; Beefwood
Guazuma tomentosa Changed to Guazuma ulmifolia MALVACEAE Ba'cedar
Guettarda elliptica RUBIACEAE Picklewood
Gyminda latifolia CELASTRACEAE Gyminda
Gymnanthes lucida EUPHORBIACEAE Narrow-leaf Ironwood; Crab Bush

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