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Based on: The Flora of the Cayman Islands by Dr. George Proctor.

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Boerhavia erecta / Broomweed p. 314
Boerhavia diffusa / Chickweed p. 314
Boerhavia coccinea / Scarlet Spiderling, Red Spiderling
Guapira discolor /Cabbage Tree; Blolly; Beefwood p. 318
Mirabilis jalapa / Four-o'clock p. 315
Pisonia aculeata / Cockspur, Fingrigo, Wait-a-bit p. 318
Pisonia margaretae / Margaret's Pisonia (dioecious tree) add p. 490 Endemic

Nymphaea amazonum / Night-blooming Water Lily add p. 507
Nymphaea ampla / White Water Lily

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